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The rodent problem in Hampton Roads is greatly increasing! Penetrating crawl spaces, attic spaces and even your living spaces. They not only chew your personal belongings, but they can chew plumbing and electrical lines, causing damage or even worst, a FIRE! Rodents also leave behind urine and feces causing unpleasant odors and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. A rodent problem needs to be addressed! Local pest control companies do a good job managing the symptoms, but here at Advanced Vinyl, we have a CURE for the disease, introducing FLASHOUT RODENT ARMOR.
In some areas of Hampton Roads, 77% of the homes have or have had a rodent problem.
* Rat teeth grow about 5 inches per year. As a result, they love chewing!
* A pair of brown rats can produce 2,000 descendants a year!
* Squirrels can jump 6ft high and 10ft long.
*If given an edge, a squirrel can go through 1 inch of wood trim in as quickly as 24 hours.
* Rat and squirrel feces can cause health risks like salmonella, leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. 
What is it?
FLASHOUT is a system developed by AVS to permanently keep critters out.

How does it work?
An AVS technician will pinpoint all entry points to be sealed. Then, by using a blend of metals and building materials, we will seal off the home making it impenetrable.

Will I see it?
FLASHOUT   was designed to blend with your home. With all products being color matched, you'll know it's there but your neighbors won't!

What does it protect against?​
FLASHOUT is designed to seal your home of any small holes leading to your crawl space, living space and attic space, keeping mice, rats, squirrels, snakes and birds out for good.

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